Here at Crayon, we believe fiction & poetry are natural pairings to the visual arts.

We’re looking for immersive writing rooted in escapist and timeless themes – concepts such as beauty, nature, memory, and more. We regularly host prompt-based submissions for writers, and you can read more of our fiction here

68 Sydenham Road Fiction

1. 68 SYDENHAM ROAD was exactly what Eleanor had expected from a house in Bristol, even if the company was not. “I…

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Are You Ready Fiction

Forty-five minutes after the church alarm began screaming, the entire neighborhood heard the police arrive. The altar was pitch black. The blue…

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It Happens Fiction

James and Mary Anne went to Iceland when there was no snow. “First winter in ten years,” the man in the car told them. “It’s uncanny.”

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The Bad Between Us Fiction

The announcement says there’s been an incident on the line. England is 18 hours into the hottest day of the year and outside the train carriage the June sun is scalding enough to set the air rippling.

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Checkpoint Fiction

A man arrives at a checkpoint between two warring lands, hoping to be admitted.

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Todo Es De Color – Children Of Catalunya Fiction

A charming lively plaza in el barrio de Gracia, behind a lone lit window on the third floor, a nineteen-year-old girl smokes a cigarette.

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Closing Night Fiction

I want to see the things that set new life into action. I command their touch, I like to see it.

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The Museum of Forgotten Toys Fiction

“The museum shifted from being a metaphorical conceit, to becoming a reality.”

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Gertrude And Ernest, Paris 1926 Fiction

There was a message from Gertrude Stein the day he arrived back in Paris. The desk clerk at his hotel gave him the card. It had a picture of a farmer’s market somewhere in the 17th arrondissement, and said: “Ernest. Looking forward to seeing you. Let’s meet on Friday. Gertrude.

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Bone China And Velvet Fiction

Once, in love, we lived like this: the dark oak floor, the sea of books and clothes.

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In the middle of the estate,

I know my bedroom well

And feel the night descend.

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Let me explain to you why I like gambling—and now gambling with my marriage as well.

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