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Crayon is the one-stop platform for all creative professionals: writers, artists, designers, architects, musicians, curators, and more! It was designed to give creative professionals everything they need to showcase their work, find fellow creatives to collaborate with, stay up to date with events and conversations, and even offer users a marketplace to sell their work.

After two years of development and global focus groups, we're launching our BETA phase and invite you to join.

Our motivation? As creators, we recognized the industry's disconnection. With the rise of isolated work and fragmented self-promotion avenues, we saw the power of collaboration – think Louvre x Beyonce or Warhol x Velvet Underground. While big institutions merge arts, individual creatives face barriers.

Crayon aims to bridge this gap. We've combined the best features from platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Behance into a unified experience tailored for creatives. And with the support from Innovate UK’s Creative Catalyst Grant, Crayon was born.

Curious about the specifics?

Crayon Collaborations

🔥Create your profile to meet fellow creatives

🔥Upload your portfolio to share it with future collaborators

🔥Connect with other users and create your next masterpiece! 

Crayon Magazine

🎨Read daily reviews, essays, and conversations on the creative world

🎨Lose yourself in Crayon’s immersive fiction and poetry

🎨Find your new favourite artists via Crayon Art

Crayon Masterclass

🖼️Elevate your skills with our list of masterclasses and workshops

🖼️Learn from the best with our list of renowned artists and writers

🖼️Join in online wherever you are!

Crayon Events

🎉Find the best art shows in your area

🎉Share your events with us to feature on our platform

🎉Never miss the hottest events of the season


Meet the Team


Eric Akoto


Eric Akoto is an author and curator for major festivals. Passionate about innovation and free speech, he's based in New York and London. A morning meditation enthusiast.



Oindrila Gupta


Oindrila has a Masters in Magazine Journalism from Cardiff University. Her writing has been published in Love in Trying Times (anthology), Popshot, Alt Cardiff, Icy Tales, Go With Me, Feminism in India, ProdNote.



Mike Rispoli


Is an award-winning designer, engineer and creative technologist. He spans the disciplines of product, design, and engineering to bring high quality products to market in record time.


Bobby Wilson


Bobby Wilson is a writer and editor. He has a podcast exclusively about Black literature, The Most Dangerous Thing in America. He will argue with you about basketball, film or hip-hop (or pretty much anything else) until a consensus is reached. It rarely is.

He is the Nonfiction Editor.


Ursula Brunetti


Ursula Brunetti is a creative copywriter and an award-winning short story writer whose work has been published by Prospect, Popshot, The Willesden Herald, and the Oxford Review of Books.



Serene Allen


Serene Allen has a wealth of knowledge in creating bold, dynamic and memorable short form content. Her skills include video editing, VFX, colour grading and sound mixing. She has a passion for storytelling & delivering diversity in content.

She is our Media Editor & Designer.