Fiction and Poetry

We’re looking for immersive writing rooted in escapist and timeless themes – concepts such as beauty, nature, memory, and more. We regularly host prompt-based submissions for writers, and you can read more of our fiction here. Works should not be more than 4,000 words. Works translated into English are also welcome.



We’re looking for work that naturally pairs well with the nuances of art, uncovering the wider meaning within timeless themes that give our readers something to think about. The submissions should scratch beneath the surface of a tale, finding its wider meanings to give our readers something to think about and not be more than 2,000 words, although this is negotiable in certain circumstances. Works translated into English also welcome.

Crayon Cover Competition

The first edition of Litro’s sister platform, Crayon Magazine, is seeking a pioneering piece of art to grace its cover. The theme is BEAUTY. What does beauty mean to you? What does beauty look like? How can we respond to beauty? Does beauty have a place in art? These are the questions we ask you to consider when you submit to our inaugural cover competition. We are looking for exciting and innovative interpretations of the theme.


Our ethos is to provide a place for artists & writers to publish works and ideas about Traditional Art and foster a sense of community among artists practicing the art form. If you are an atelier or institution engaged in art research, workshops, and providing art education, submit your application to be featured on our platform.





We are seeking art pieces that showcase exceptional technique, creativity, and vision. Whether you specialize in painting, sculpture, or any other medium, we want to see your masterpieces. We welcome all styles and interpretations. The submissions should include no more than 20 photographs. Optional accompanying essay no more than 2,000 words. Any scanned copies or photographs of the works should be legible, crisp and rendered in high-quality and all artworks submitted by the artist should be their original creation.


Reviews and Interviews

Reviews can be no more than 1,500 words on books, films, art and design exhibitions, performance, festivals and events. For interviews we seek interesting perspectives from established and up & coming creatives which can include but is not limited to directors, artists, writers, dancers, curators, etc.




Crayon Collaborations

Create your profile and update your portfolio to meet fellow creatives and… collaborate!