LaToya Hobbs Highlights Texture in Her Intricately Carved Portraits of Black Women.

Litro Magazine, December 26, 2023

LaToya Hobbs, an artist based in Baltimore, is establishing a distinct presence in the art world with her woodcarvings, drawing comparisons to the works of Whitfield Lovell, a Bronx native African-American artist.

Lovell’s contributions to the art world have been widely recognized, his art book “Whitfield Lovell: Deep River,” was listed by The New York Times as one of the top art books of 2023.

In her upcoming exhibition at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville, titled “Carving a New Tradition,” Hobbs showcases works such as “Erin and Anyah with Hydrangeas” and “Flourish.” These pieces highlight Hobbs’ focus on themes of rest and tranquility.

“Erin and Anyah with Hydrangeas,” an acrylic and collage on a carved wood panel measuring 48 x 60 inches, depicts familial closeness. Additional works like “Unbothered,” a woodcut on cotton paper, and “A Moment of Care,” another woodcut, highlight Hobbs’ meticulous carving technique and her appreciation for the tactile aspects of her medium.

Through her art, Hobbs is crafting a new narrative in art history, focusing on the significance of rest and care, especially within the Black community. This theme, shared with Lovell’s work, underscores the power of art in expressing and shaping cultural stories.

“Carving a New Tradition” will be on display from January 26 to April 28 at The Frist Art Museum, Nashville, Tennessee. Those interested can explore more of Hobbs’ work on her website and Instagram.

Litro Magazine

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