Yvonne Thomas: Complexed Squares

Art Show: 08/09/2023 • All Day • New York

Event Details

With seventeen paintings from 1963 to 1976, Complexed Squares highlights a decisive phase in the career of French-born painter, Yvonne Thomas, as she moved beyond Abstract Expressionism to develop a distinctive personal style that resonated with artistic currents of the ‘60s. A regular on New York’s art scene, Thomas was best known for her lyrical, gestural abstractions that followed the teachings of her professors and mentors, principally Robert Motherwell and Hans Hofmann. In Complexed Squares, we see her exploring a new painterly vocabulary–using systems to determine her series of repeating geometric forms, switching from oil to acrylic, deploying her intensive hues to stage playful optical illusions.

Presented by Berry Campbell, this show runs until October 14.