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William Tillyer: The Mulgrave Tensile Wire Works

Art Show: 28/09/2023 • All Day • London

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In The Mulgrave Tensile Wire Works, William Tillyer has produced probably the most radical paintings of his career. Stainless steel wires strung across a metal frame and held in tension by turnbuckles support geometrically shaped areas of metal mesh, woven through with paint reflecting the colours of the North Yorkshire landscape, where the artist has lived for most of his life. While evoking the landscape, the arrangements of the mesh shapes owe much to the Suprematists and Constructivists of the early twentieth century – El Lissitzky and Malevich, Rodchenko and Gabo – and even to Kandinsky.

Presented by Bernard Jacobson Gallery, the show runs until 28 October 2023.