Studies for Crystal and Glass Design and other works

Art Show: 14/09/2023 • All Day • Los Angeles

Event Details

This presentation highlights a lesser-known facet of Farideh Lashai’s practice: her work as a crystal designer and glass artist. In her celebrated career spanning five decades, Lashai was primarily known as a painter and yet she consistently played with varying means of expression without recognizing any frontiers that would confine her to a rigid identity. Lyricism is the prevailing characteristic in her work across mediums, whether it is painting, sculpture, writing, installation or a combination of animation and painting.

On display is a constellation of twenty-eight silkscreens, faithful posthumous reproductions of her sketches and studies for crystal and ceramic design at Riedel and Rosenthal Studios in the 1960s.

Presented by ADVOCARTSY, the show runs until 07 October, 2023.