Looking Like Fire

Art Show: 20/09/2023 • All Day • London

Event Details

This exciting group exhibition includes some artists represented by the gallery, some who have contributed to the exhibition programme previously and others who the gallery have not exhibited before. This exhibition continues the gallery’s interest in intergenerational exhibitions with those at different stages in their careers. Looking Like Fire will include works by Anna Calleja, Sarah Faux, Jenna Gribbon, Norman Hyams, Lisa Ivory, Karyn Lyons, Juanita McNeely, Kemi Onabulé, Florence Peake, Lydia Pettit. The exhibition will host its finissage over Frieze London. The title is taken from the slang use of the word ‘fire’ to mean awesome or excellent. Looking like Fire refers to looking attractive but also denotes the idea of fire approaching, a feeling of impending threat or vulnerability. This exhibition bestrides these polarities and their quick unravelling, looking good, attraction, sensation, vulnerability, danger of the unknown, touch, fire on your skin, burning, open, uncontrollable.

Presented by Sim Smith, the show runs until 14 October 2023.