Krazy Paradise

Art Show: 09/09/2023 • All Day • New York

Event Details

John Lees’ Krazy Paradise is the artist’s seventh solo show with the Betty Cuningham Gallery. A reception will be held on Saturday, September 9th, from 4—6 PM.  An illustrated catalog and online viewing room will accompany the exhibition. His paintings characteristically have a double meaning—one personal, one universal. From the beginning, although beginnings are long for Lees, he concentrated on the old stuffed chair, the quiet pond, the ripples, the footed bathtub, the hills, or his first home in Denville NJ. Each of these monoliths is endowed with memories (the artist’s as well as our own). Portraits, often self-portraits, are always part of his focus. And whether landscape or bathtub or portrait, each would be worked and reworked, with dates on the back documenting each reentry.

Presented by the Betty Cuningham Gallery, this show runs until 28 October 2023.