Florence Houston, Cucumber Sandwiches, oil on canvas, 2023


Art Show: 01/11/2023 • 10:00–18:00 • London

Event Details

Combining food and art, nostalgic objects and the ultimate fetishes, Juicy! is the inaugural solo exhibition by classically-trained contemporary artist Florence Houston. Taking place at J/M GalleryJuicy! sparks an interesting conversations about the intersection of art, history, and gastronomy with an experience that engages all the senses. Mysterious yet captivating, Juicy! features a series of still life featuring Victorian jellies, pills, plastic shopping bags, and flowers.

“Juicy is a word I’ve always used to describe something that excites me as a painter: it’s a colour or a texture or a brush stroke, even the paint itself as it comes out the tube. It’s a primal feeling that guides me from subject to subject and that unites this body of work. I really enjoy taking something that feels disregarded or unimportant and painting it seriously, really cherishing it. There’s something comedic about it but I also want to show how beautiful those things can be. It’s very satisfying painting a plastic bag or a jelly using exactly the same material and technique that’s been used to paint centuries of Kings, Popes and other pomp and glory. All my work focuses on beauty, I feel very sensitive to it, finding it and recreating it in my paintings feels like my ultimate goal”.

Florence Houston

Running for a limited time from the 1st to the 7th of November at J/M Gallery, Juicy! will continue online until the end of November via Florence Houston’s website.