Installation views of Remi Ajani - it's not what you look's what you see at Sid Motion Gallery 15 Sep - 21 Oct 2023

it’s not what you look at…it’s what you see

Art Show: 15/09/2023 • All Day • London

Event Details

Sid Motion Gallery is delighted to present its first solo exhibition with Remi Ajani. The paintings in the exhibition have been made since the start of the year, and many finished since Ajani’s residency at The Villa Lena Foundation, Tuscany earlier this summer. Ajani’s practice is an exploration of the language between figuration and abstraction. Ajani herself says this of her art: “I often think about where the eye lands and being able to enjoy a painting wherever they land. And that’s why I decided not to put faces in. Because I find that as soon as you do that, it’s a very normal human reaction to look at the face, to try to figure out if they’re happy, if they’re sad, who they are. When you take that out, there’s a whole bunch of new questions that come up.”

This show runs until 21st October.