Chop! Chop! Chop!

Art Show: 05/10/2023 • All Day • London

Event Details

Pi Artworks London is thrilled to present Chop! Chop! Chop! by Albano Hernández. The artist’s first solo exhibition in London. Featuring a large-scale mural and a variety of rich, textural paintings, this exhibition centres on notions of perception, value and productivity, all of which underpin Albano’s practice. Winner of the Hine painting prize in 2022, Albano has developed his ‘meta-painting’ process over the last two years. The artist explores and challenges the potential of the medium itself, asking questions of commodification, consumption and the politics of art production. Inspired in the wake of Jeffrey Deitch’s seminal 2012 exhibition The Painting Factory, Albano began focusing on the ‘brushstroke’, which he creates from air-dry clay and studio waste. which forces us to examine our perception of what ‘painting’ is today, how matter is presented in the world, and how consumption processes infiltrate all aspects of our lives.

The show runs until 28 October 2023.