Chantal Khoury: I TIE THEM LOOSELY

Art Show: 16/09/2023 • All Day • Los Angeles

Event Details

Chantal Khoury: I Tie Them Loosely, is the artist’s first solo exhibition with Nicodim Gallery and her solo debut in the United States. A second-generation Canadian artist of Lebanese descent, Khoury’s practice looks at the ways in which we imbue objects from our everyday lives with deep meanings, complicated histories, and our own cultural identities. While not necessarily about memory, the artist does begin at a very personal place, inspired by objects connected to her own family’s immigration stories. Khoury is interested in transnational histories of abstract painting, outside of traditional art historical structures and the Western academic canon. This research has informed a new type of subjectivity in her approach to the medium. 

Khoury utilizes a specific approach to abstraction—experimenting with the building up, then breaking down of oil paints and mineral spirits—to conjure memories that are deeply personal, while incorporating forms that feel universal. This method of applying and removing paint articulates a process of transience and transformation, presence and absence. 

Presented by Nicodim Gallery, the show runs until 28 October 2023.