Awol Erizku: Delirium of Agony

Art Show: 08/09/2023 • All Day • New York

Event Details

With this exhibition, Ethiopian-American artist, Awol Erizku, examines the construction of cultural iconography through the lens of contemporary hip-hop, street culture, art history, sports, and entertainment. Occupying the entire gallery, the exhibition features paintings, neon installations, photographs, sculptures, and works on paper. Using symbols, imagery, and references, Erizku portrays stories, emotions, and subjects prevalent in the music genre, making them visually accessible and relatable to audiences. In doing so, he highlights the rich histories and nuances of these communities, creating a medium that blends the auditory and visual, while also acknowledging and preserving vernacular heritage drawn from African and African American diasporas.

Presented by Sean Kelly New York, this show is running until October 21st.