Amber Pinkerton: Self Dialogues

Art Show: 06/10/2023 • All Day • London

Event Details

Self Dialogues: Hard Food is the first chapter of an ongoing multi-part, immersive photographic and moving image series which reveals Amber Pinkerton’s personal meditations on themes traversing migrational loneliness, love and desire, family/household tension, Coloniality and Cultural memory. The art show excavates and focuses on Pinkerton’s personal journey since migrating to England from Jamaica in 2016, featuring a 6-part video installation alongside accompanying photographic artworks. For the first time this new body of work sees Pinkerton begin to explore the “photograph as object” in its physical realm, with a focus on its sculptural possibilities, alongside original soundscapes, and written word.

Presented by Alice Black Gallery, the show runs until November 11th.