A Strange Icarus

Art Show: 23/09/2023 • All Day • Los Angeles

Event Details

Nadia Waheed creates portals, not paintings. In A Strange Icarus, her first solo exhibition with Nicodim Gallery, Waheed ushers us into a transitional space that compels us to meditate on the timelessness to ourselves and the universe. Why is it that we have always turned our faces to the stars? Why is every culture founded upon an attempt to make meaning of our birth, death, and its aftermath? Pondering such questions, Waheed has brought into the world a series of works that explore the most ancient parts of ourselves, the pieces that remember the wonder of the first sunrise, the oldest wound, the enduring ache of human suffering across the ages. She reminds us that we do not exist only and entirely in the present, with our immediate cares and pleasures. It is in this search for the immensity of our ancestry that Waheed brings us to the body. 

Presented by Nicodim Gallery LA, this show runs until 28 October 2023.