Whispers of Cypress and, eventually, Van Gogh
Laura Parker, January 21, 2024

Uncover the timeless charm of Cupressus sempervirens in Laura Parker’s essay, where myth, art, and personal yearning converge in the southern landscapes.

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The Doctor and the Pharmacist 
, January 3, 2024

Set in war-torn Aleppo. This narrative vividly portrays a journalist’s encounter with survival, resilience, and unexpected revelations amidst the Syrian Civil War’s chaos. A gripping tale of human spirit overcoming the harsh realities of conflict.

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Henry Street at Christmas, 2012
Seán Carlson, December 25, 2023

From Dublin’s bustling streets to unexpected online fame, a Christmas video captures moments and sparks a viral debate in Seán Carlson’s Henry Street at Christmas, 2012.

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Book Review: White Nights by Urszula Honek


The debut short story from Polish writer Urszula Honek, White Nights, is akin to reading an account of a haunted place – one that is beautiful and devastating in equal measure.

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Beyond the Surface: The Multifaceted Lives of ‘American Fiction’

In essence, “American Fiction” and the experiences it draws from remind us that we are indeed more than the sum of our parts.

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Adam Baker’s Intimate Surrealism: A Visual Exploration

Adam Baker observes the world with a realist’s precision, yet his artwork emerges as a mesmerizing blend of surrealism. His latest exhibition, “Passing through the Soft Storm,” is a masterful interplay of the intimate and the dreamlike, drawing inspiration from Van Gogh’s pointillist sky interpretations and PaJaMa’s organic, staged scenes.

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